With a combined 100 years in the medical industry, Patient Assisted Services has narrowed down the key negotiating factors in successfully lowering medical bills.

When we take on your case, you can expect a high standard of service and care along with a personal medical bill expert to guide you through the process. We aim to provide a true turnkey service that takes the burden of fighting insurance companies and medical providers off your shoulders.

To get started, fill out a free prescreen assessment and one of our medical bill advocates will be in contact with how we can help.

Reviewing Medical Bills

Line-By-Line Bill Auditing

Once we receive the information from your free prescreen assessment, we assign your case to a medical bill advocate to review the services for which you were charged.

Review Of Charges Versus National Fee Guidelines

Charges are reviewed by our in-house billing specialists to determine if they are in line with current National Fee Guidelines, are usual and customary, and report accordingly.

Medical Bill Negotiation and Settlements

If you are a patient with no insurance coverage, we will do our best to negotiate with the medical provider to reduce the total amount you owe. Our extensive knowledge with medical codes and the real costs of medical services and equipment are invaluable when it comes to these negotiations.

Record Retrievals

$39 per hour plus any fees charged by the providers. $156 retainer up front required for 4 hours of record retrieval service. If work is under 4 hours balance will be reimbursed for the difference upon completion of assignment.

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