Patient Assisted Services puts over 100 years of combined medical investigation expertise to work on your behalf.

To get started, simply fill out the prescreen form. Our medical bill advocates will review the information you’ve submitted and begin the process of negotiation at no financial obligation to you. 

Medical Bill Adjuster

Step 1 | Initial Phone Call

Once we have reviewed your medical bill situation, you will be assigned a medical bill advocate. Your advocate will give you a call to ask for any additional information needed for the medical bill(s) in question.

After we have all the information, we will conduct a full review of your bill to determine if you are a good candidate for any potential savings from either your medical provider or insurance company.

In-Depth Medical Bill Auditor

Step 2 | In-Depth Bill Audit

Your assigned medical bill advocate will conduct a line-by-line, in-depth bill audit, focusing on both the bill from your medical provider and the cost covered by insurance.

We will first check to make sure the treatments and services provided to you were within the Usual & Customary guidelines from the National Fee Guidelines. We will then provide a check against your insurance policy to make sure all agreed coverages and deductions were met as part of your insurance plan.

After the audit is complete, we will research the various options available to you to lower your medical bill.

Woman happy because medical bill was lowered

Step 3 | Review Options

Your medical bill advocate will call you to go over our findings from our comprehensive bill auditing process and help you understand your options. Once you understand all your options and choose your preferred course of action, Patient Assisted Services will do the rest!

Expected Turnaround Time

We understand the urgency felt when there is a high or unexpected medical bill sitting on your kitchen table. However, once Patient Assisted Services takes the lead on your billing situation, there is no longer any need to worry about an overdue bill or a collection call. 

Once we begin the negotiation process, most cases are resolved within 2-3 business days.

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