Anyone who receives a surprise medical bill.

Within two to three days of receiving a copy of the medical bill in question and/or Explanation of Benefits from the Insurance provider, you can expect to receive results from our audit of your medical bill or a negotiated settlement. We respond promptly to all requests, usually the same day we receive your pre-screen form (Monday-Friday 8-4:30pm CST).

If we determine that your medical services were accurately billed for, there is no cause for concern. Our auditing services are free until our efforts result in a lowered bill for you. No lowered bill = no fee.

We go by Practice Management Information Corporation (PMIC) guidelines and utilize the 90 percentile. PMIC is the nation’s leading independent publisher and reseller of medical coding and compliance solutions for clients in the healthcare industry.

NAC’s fee is equal to 20% of the reduction of your medical bill for all bills with an account balance of $1,000 and higher. Our fees are equal to 30% of the reduction for all bills with an account balance under $1,000. If our review and efforts do not result in the reduction of medical fees and charges, no fee is due to NAC.

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