Our client contacted Patient Assisted Services after receiving two bills from the Austin Emergency Center. Their bills for emergency room services came to a total of $3,049.48 and $1,088.20.

An emergency room visit is never a planned expense, and the services rendered are often much more costly than a scheduled service. Approximately 78% of workers in the United States live paycheck to paycheck and do not have the financial padding to cover a surprise emergency room trip. As such, events like a surprise high medical bill can be devastating or, at the very least, difficult to find the funds to pay.

After performing a line-by-line bill audit, Patient Assisted Services was able to lower our client’s bills…

  • From $3049.48 to $200
  • From $1,088.20 to $761.75

…for a total savings of $3,175.94.

Patient Assisted Services reached out to our client within 3 business days and was able to deliver the positive news and the much lowered total cost of $961.75.

Don’t settle for paying high medical bills and putting yourself and/or your family in a financial bind. Contact NAC’s Patient Assisted Services today to see if we can help turn your high medical bill into a manageable fee.

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