An uninsured client contacted Patient Assisted Services after receiving anesthesia services. Once they received the bill, they reached out to Patient Assisted Services for help in negotiating a lower bill.

Anesthesia services can be surprisingly high, especially for those not covered with a health insurance plan or for those whose health insurance benefits are restrictive.  

After three days of working with the anesthesia provider, NAC’s Patient Assisted Services was able to negotiate a 50% reduction in the total bill…

  • From $1,566 to $783

…for a total savings of $783.

If your insurance plan does not cover the services you’ve received or you have received services as a cash patient, you need not settle for the first medical bill you receive. NAC’s Patient Assisted Services has the expertise and experience to negotiate with medical service providers and lower your high medical bills. To get started, fill out a free prescreen form and one of our medical billing experts will get in touch!

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