Experienced Medical Investigations and Risk Management Company

Patient Assisted Services is part of North American Consultants, one of the most experienced Investigations and Risk Management Companies in Texas. For over two decades North American Consultants has provided groundbreaking work in the medical claims industry.

We have heard from thousands of patients who need help navigating the unwieldy insurance and medical language and deciphering the charges and fees on their medical bills. Additionally, many patients may not know what is an unfair price for a medical service.

Patient Assisted Services grew from this need with the sole purpose of helping patients achieve a reasonable and fair financial bill for medical services received. We have over 100 combined years of knowledge and experience in the medical industry and have the background to help patients successfully fight high medical bills.

Our Mission

To help patients navigate the financial side of medical services received and negotiate on their behalf to lower medical bills and fees for medical services.

Our Goal

To support transparency in the medical field from the actual cost of services rendered to accurate and fair pricing for patients, leading to better medical care for all.

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