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Have you received an unexpected Medical Bill where you thought your private insurance would cover everything?

Our goal is to help YOU, the patient, through Health Care Advocacy in dealing with the cost and complexity in today’s Health Care industry.

Trending in the News

The New York Times

“Surprise Medical Bills Give Both Parties an Unexpected Opportunity to Agree.”


“1 in 6 Insured Hospital Patients Get A Surprise Bill For Out-Of-Network Care.”

The Dallas Morning News

“Texas legislature’s fix to surprise health care bills still leaves millions vulnerable.”
Medical Bill Review and Audit

Who We Are

We are one of the most experienced Investigations and Risk Management Companies in Texas; with over 100 years of knowledge between our three owners alone in the medical industry!

NAC Negotiators are in the “People” business and our main goal is to assist YOU, the patient, through Health Care Advocacy in dealing with the cost and complexity in today’s Health Care industry.

How it Works

3 Easy Steps


Phone Call

After submission of your pre-screen form, your NAC Negotiating Partner will call you to collect additional information regarding the medical bill(s) in question. We will then review your bill to determine if you are a good candidate for any potential savings.


In-Depth Bill Audit

Our team of Medical Billing Experts will dissect your bills from the Medical Provider to make sure the treatments were within the Usual & Customary pricing and perform a line by line bill audit.


Review Options

Your partner will call you to present the discount that resulted from our comprehensive bill auditing process. At this time, you can choose your course of action, and NAC does the rest.

Our Services

Line by Line Bill Audit

Usual & Customary

Charges are reviewed by our in-house billing specialists to determine if they are in line with current National Fee Guidelines and report accordingly.

$50 per provider – prepay required

Negotiated Settlements

For Patients with no Insurance Coverage

Our negotiating team will attempt to negotiate an agreed settlement with the provider to reduce the total amount due. Normally, payment will be due in 10 days.

NAC’s fee is equal to 15% of the reduction of your medical bill. If our review and efforts do not result in the reduction of medical fees and charges, no fee is due to NAC.

We’re paid only when YOU save!

(If you allow us to negotiate your settlement)



If your bill is non-negotiable, our services are FREE of charge!

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